ForMission Mentor Instruction – Birmingham
ForMission Mentor Coaching – Birmingham: Dates 2016/2017 23rd September 2016, 7:30pm – 24th September 2016, four:30pm  20th January 2017, 7:30pm – 21st January 2017, four:30pm 19th May 2017, 7:30pm – 20th May 2017, 4:30pm Lift your mentoring expertise to the subsequent level. Leading our instruction programme is Dr Rick Lewis. “Whenever Rick has taught our students they have found him challenging, engaging & inspiring…This has been correct of day events & 3-day events. Rick has the exceptional present of being in a position to draw on his personal practice and experience and communicate what he has discovered in techniques that ministerial students can grasp and make use of.” Stephen Finamore, Principal, Bristol Baptist College, United Kingdom The aims of the instruction are to give sensible coaching as a spiritual mentor to move beyond education to build competency in mentoring ministry and to apply education supplies to the actual mentoring partnership of trainees. The structure of the training includes four stages: instruction, action, supervision, and reflection. Each workshop is split into themes, as follows: Workshop 1: Foundations for Christian Mentoring Understanding mentoring in relation to other signifies of individual growth The value and relevance of mentoring in the modern context Overview of the mentoring cycle Biblical basis for mentoring Creating an successful mentoring environment Getting organised for mentoring How to discern the most relevant concerns Workshop 2: Applying Mentoring tools and Principles The location of objective setting in mentoring Assisting individuals construct their own action steps Employing prayer and the Bible in mentoring Questioning and listening capabilities Employing reflective writing in mentoring Workshop 3: Developing Mentoring Capabilities Varieties of types and designs of mentoring Providing good accountability Troubles in mentoring leaders The mentor as adjust agent Individual improvement paths for mentors and mentorees The programme is produced up of three workshops (two-days per session) and run over nine months at every of our campuses. For this complete mentoring programme we charge £185.00 which consists of instruction, private supervision sessions for the duration of the nine months, a instruction book and access to energy points. The fee does not cover primary meals and accommodation. If you are staying overnight we would encourage you to make these arrangements in advance. For a lot more info make contact with: “Leadership can’t survive without having wisdom. What I’ve identified is that Rick Lewis has helped me get to a wiser place, exactly where I see new perspectives and methods about my ministry and acquire a bit of insight into myself. No lecturing, no nagging, just really informed and up to date counsel with prayerful attention to what God is performing.”  Rev. Neill Archer, Rector of Malmesbury Abbey, United Kingdom
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