Health-related tourism is a increasing phenomenon worldwide, with millions of sufferers every single year discovering that the difference in cost amongst medical therapy in their house nation, and medical remedy plus a plane flight to another country is just to fantastic to ignore. Old concerns more than service standards in Asian countries are gradually becoming eroded, as word of mouth assures potential individuals that Thai, Indian and Malay hospitals are some of the greatest in the planet – some are even “much more like a five-star hotel than a hospital, reminding 1 of super-speciality hotels such as the Apollo and Escorts back residence [in Dubai]”. What are the middle Eastern countries saying about healthcare tourism in Thailand, and why has the Arabic globe suddenly turn into so taken with healthcare tourism and hospitals in Bangkok, Mumbai and Kuala Lumpur?

A single purpose that the Muslim globe is now one particular of the fastest growing markets for medial tourism to hospitals in Bangkok is the specific facilities and services for Muslim sufferers and guests, uncommon outside the Middle East. Bangkok Hospital, for instance, gives halal food to its sufferers and also for visitors. The hospital also offers directions and info on public signage in Arabic, as effectively as Thai and English. The medical doctors at Bangkok Hospital are not only world-class and internationally educated, but most speak Urdu, Hindi and Arabic as effectively as Thai and English. Bangkok Hospital has facilities for translating dozens of other languages, also.

Qatar is one particular country in distinct that is seeing massive rises in the numbers of healthcare vacationers – and right here, the rises are quantified. The quantity of Qatari sufferers in Bangkok hospital in 2008 was 3,046, which represents a 107% boost from 2007. The quantity of patients from the United Arab Emirates is 18,226 to August 2008, with 3,152 from Oman. Bangkok Hospital requires about 19% of its individuals from the Gulf, according to Bangkok Hospital Health-related Centre officials.

Bumrungrad International is one more Thai hospital that sees big numbers of international patients, and especially these from the Middle East. Newsweek puts the hospital on its leading ten list of international hospital destinations, and the hospital is reported in media under headlines that focus on the overall health-mixed-with-pleasure aspect of healthcare tourism.

As a location for healthcare tourism, Mumbai is deservedly quickly increasing. Arabic sufferers seek referrals in Mumbai, as effectively as other South East Asian places, for circumstances such as heart difficulties, cancer and physical rehabilitation, as effectively as for check-ups and preventative medicine. Mumbai Healthcare Tourism is an organization which integrates the pleasure and wellness elements of caring for your heart and the rest of your physique greater than possibly any other. They provide Ayurveda packages, Yoga packages, as effectively as sightseeing packages, and the healthcare facilities contain diabetology, cardiology, dental care, eye care and orthopedics, amongst other folks.

The trend towards healthcare tourism has been expanding in the West for some time, and is now reasonably nicely-integrated into European, US and Australian psyches. The trend is also moving that way in the Middle East – to the advantage of all concerned!

Bangkok Hospital – 36 years of advanced health-related technologies and experience, complemented with Thai hospitality and compassionate care. Consists of the planet-renowned Bangkok Heart Hospital and specializing in oncology, neurology and orthopedics. Some of the worlds most sophisticated minimally invasive diagnostics and remedy procedures are in place.

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