The Yamaha Bikes entered India in the year 1985. And it was in the year 1996 that Yamaha Motors started up the joint venture with Escorts collection. By 2001, Yamaha set the Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd. as an person company handling the sale of Yamaha bikes in the year 2005 in India. These days it is the most popular bikes manufacturers and the oldest producer of motorbikes in the nation. There are numerous awards won by Yamaha bikes and the explanation behind is the exceptional devotion in the industrialization of the higher quality bikes. The two strokes, Yamaha RX-one hundred, one hundred cc was the initial insubstantial fuel financial Japanese motorcycle in India. Current Yamaha bikes counting Yamaha Crux, Yamaha G5, Yamaha Alba and Yamaha Gladiator are the very best buys in against cash.

The Yamaha Bike has continually altering gears to make more than the marketplace from usefulness to enjoyment and everyday life. Yamaha India offers us with a large variety of motorbike at brilliant prices. The rates are defensible to the exclusive method and apparatus. With the launch of the Yamaha FZ-16, it has been come into is notice that Japanese giant has however once again created a motorbike that arrest the thoughts of the Indian fanatic, and turn out to be country’s finest all round 150cc bike. This is regarded as as the baby FZ that has caused an outbreak of movement at Yamaha showrooms, purchasers lining up all more than India to take 1 home. The bike has got all the most current technology features that the buyer appears for. The trendy but inventive FZ-16 embodies muscular and macho looks redefining the 150cc bikes section. The Yamaha FZ16 is an urban-cool motorbike assembled for grand efficiency and easy living functionality.

India Yamaha entered super bike segment extended time back with Yamaha VMAX and Yamaha MT01 it has supplemented one more model to the sports series by launching Yamaha FZ 1, the street bike. The bike has got the racing enthused physique functions and shape consequently. The group also manufactures a slighter 600cc edition with the name Yamaha FZ 6. The hottest street bike boasts greater design and style handling that formerly introduced Yamaha VMAX. With its awfully tempting appearance and features, it draws massive level of super bike lover with sturdy pockets. The bike has categorically designed for the finest sector riders. The Yamaha bikes cost are competitive that will surely cut the energy cords of other bikes.

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