Two hot bodied guys ready to go full Monty on 70mm, a teacher who doesn’t thoughts carrying out a salsa or taking off her garments for her student, Omi Vaidya’s Hindi histrionics and macho Sanjay Dutt playing a pimp… all this and a lot far more hot stuff is up for grabs if you put your money on Desi Boyz!

And take our word the boys won’t disappoint you!

Post Garam Masala and Desi Boyz, John and Akshay are the new Jai-Veeru of Bollywood.Their camaraderie is a treat to watch!LOLyou’ll go at their telepathy sequences in this ‘boy flick.’Special mention to their droolworthy bodies, which are much more eye-popping that anything else. And soon after Dostana, we can safely say that John does it better with guys..acting me mean! But DB is not a gay ride, except for the few warnings from Anupam Kher to ‘not be ambitious’. On the contrary, it appears to be a funny male-version of Laga Chunari Mein Daag where an abla and majboor naari resorts to intense measures (read prostitution). Right here, our majboor heroes turn into gigolos. With genes coming from father David Dhawan, Rohit does a decent job with this entertainer, except for a couple of glitches with no going overboard like Pa Dhawan.

So, Jerry Patel (Akshay Kumar) and Nick (John Abrahams) are bum chums staying in UK. Nick is an investment banker and Jerry is a loser who functions as a safety guard (Housefull’s Panauti?). He has an orphaned nephew Veer. Nick has a high upkeep girlfriend Radhika (Deepika Padukone), who dreams of a Massive Fat wedding, exotic and extended honeymoon, a huge house, car and a dog also. Effectively, every little thing was fine, till recession hits the country and the two heroes locate themselves jobless. But as luck would have it, Sanjay Dutt’s escort agency finds them! Jerry jumps on the offer riding on his “Size 11!!” but Nick’s adarsh and usool stop him initially but thanks to the pressure of bills, college fee, girlfriend and correct friendship he also signs the dotted line. How Radhika will react to Nick’s new profession? Veer – who has been sent to a foster residence, will he come back to Jerry? And how will Jerry meet Tanya – Chitrangada, types the rest of the story.

Desi Boyz may not boast of an outstanding and original┬ástoryline, but Rohit’s style of story-telling where he treats the otherwise severe issues of recession, unemployment, break-up, loved ones and so on. in a jovial manner come out as fresh. A little wobbly initial half establishes the story and by interval you know what’s in store but the packaging of the quick second half takes you by surprise. Introduction of new characters, particularly Chitrangada’s and Omi Vaidya’s not only add entertainment worth but also break the monotony. However, Rohit could have enhanced upon climax, which looks incomplete and emotional scenes, which either look OTT (Akshay and Veer track) or repetitive (John-Deepika post break-up track). Comedy, situational and in kind of one particular-liners is sparse and you cannot ignore bout of laughters a handful of instances.

Overall performance smart, Akshay Kumar makes a comeback after providing duds in the current past. The man is known for his comic timing and but again he has proven himself as an actor who can spring properly among comic and sensitive scenes. John Abraham is a surprise, he is not playing a cardboard but is matching up with Akki both in comedy and dance moves. Considering that it is a guy’s film,Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Singh could be passed more than as mere eye-candies, but Chitrangada is a treat watch both in terms of acting and looks – pure ‘hotness’! However, Deepika does not impress considerably. Anupam Kher has carried out his job, this time as a cool father-law, an extension to DDLJ’s cool father. Sanjay Dutt’s extended cameo as a ‘pimp’ is a lot greater than several movies exactly where he plays the lead. Omi Vaidya leaves you in splits however once again with his Hindi antics. But, we’re questioning till how lengthy will directors maintain exploiting that trait of his talent.

Cinematography is great, dialogues are struggling from becoming youthful and funny but demand some more operate. Pritam’s music gels properly with the story. Songs are already getting lapped up. Songs like the title song, Jhak Maar Ke and Allah Maaf Kare are catchy.

Week in parts, Desi Boyz is entertaining on the entire. We have seen worse films this year! Not meant for those who attempt to find meaning in each movie. So, girls and boys, grab your tub of pop corns, watch Desi Boyz for some sizzling stuff and you will come out with a grin on your face thinking what all these guys can do to entertain you!

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