Birmingham UNICEF RRSA Catch up Prepared for Level 1? 19th January 2017 PM
Welcome to the Birmingham Cohort of the UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools Award.  This is a actually exciting initiative that is currently getting a considerable influence on constructing resilience with youngsters and young individuals in Birmingham. Education and effectively-being of all kids is at the heart of the award and most of the operate you are currently carrying out in schools aligns itself completely with the requirements. There are 129 schools engaged with the RRSA and due to higher demand, we are now in a position to offer further education. You can register, access all details about the award like academic research, Ofsted quotes and free of charge resources right here: 
Overall, your school must have the opportunity to engage with 3 days of instruction offered by Birmingham City Council, representing a significant saving for your school. For those schools currently engaged, there is an opportunity to catch up on missed days, or to attend focused sessions on how to move forward. There are catch up dates on 27th May possibly 2016 and 8th June 2016 which are listed separately on this web site. New instruction dates for Day One particular, Starting RRSA Element A single:  29th June, 21st September, 19th October Day Two: 101 Techniques to Implement the RRSA: 22nd September, 20th October, 24th November 2016 Day Three: Starting RRSA Element Two: 23rd November, 18th January 2017, 15th February 2017 Catch up dates, 19th January 2017 and 8th March 2017. If you need to have additional info please contact:
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