District Safeguarding Network Meeting – Yardley District – Summer Term 2017
Birmingham City Council, Schools Safeguarding District Safeguarding Network Briefing These District Safeguarding Network Briefings build on our Region Safeguarding Conferences. Every Briefing is a two-hour breakfast meeting with invited speakers (which includes regional or national leads) that gives you likelihood to meet with your DSL locality peers, go over issues and come away with a range of sources that you can take back into your college/setting.  The events are created to help you meet the statutory specifications laid out in Keeping Youngsters Protected in Education 2016, in addition to delivering you with details to feed into your 2016/17 Section 175 self-assessment and meet a challenge by Ofsted or ISI with regards to safeguarding education for your self and your school.  KCSIE 16 demands schools to preserve the DSL and all staff up-to-date with safeguarding agenda.  The Briefing will look at the key topics that will affect schools inside the context of District provision, City-wide or National level.  Attendance is encouraged from the DSL in each school regardless of its designation and also members of the senior leadership team who have strategic oversight of safeguarding within the organisation.  We would ask please that each and every delegate register with their school/setting mailbox address.   We appear forward to welcoming you at this occasion.
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