Go to the Cove Spa in St Albans and step into your personal small sanctuary of bliss and calm. We are identified for our intimate, welcoming, and very skilled service as properly as our impressive line of good quality massages, facials, and individual care treatment options. We take pride in offering specialist and cautiously administered solutions in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Thai Massage

Thai massage, accessible at our St Albans place, is a centuries-old healing program that combines the arts of assisted yoga, acupressure, and Ayurvedic principles from India. It is an genuine therapeutic art that maintains overall health and effectively-becoming and can even treat some illnesses.

Thai massage is a deep and energising complete-physique remedy that begins at the feet and progresses up to the head. Employing a series of graceful and gentle exercising movements, your therapist loosens and stretches your tight joints and muscles. This distinctive massage also restores the flow of energy all through your physique by way of applied acupressure on the sen energy lines of your body.

*Physical, mental, and psychological benefits of Thai massage at St Albans include:
*Enhanced circulation and reduced blood pressure
*Decreased stress and anxiety
*Detoxification of the body
*Enhanced posture and dissolution of energy blockages
*Larger energy levels
*Greater mental clarity
*Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

If you require deep tissue massage therapy in St Albans, our trained experts would be happy to help.

Deep tissue massage resembles a Swedish massage treatment in a lot of respects, but uses deeper stress to release and relieve chronic muscle tension. It is applied in a systematic manner, focusing on the deeper layers of your muscle tissue and serving a corrective as properly as therapeutic purpose. A report published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry located that deep tissue massage reduces pressure hormone levels and heart rate whilst elevating one’s mood and inducing relaxation.

Other benefits of our deep tissue massage at St Albans incorporate:

*Release of body tension and stiffness
*Discomfort management and relief
*Improved flexibility
*Higher mobility
*Quicker recovery from injury
*Luxury nail remedies

The Cove Spa offers a complete collection of therapeutic and decorative nail solutions in St Albans. From a standard file and polish to a luxury manicure and pedicure that will leave your skin and nails glowing, our remedies are a total treat for your tired hands and feet.
File and polish: If you happen to be in a rush and require to look fabulous swiftly, this express service is for you. Get perfect nails and a luxury polish fast!

Manicure: Give your hands, nails and cuticles a treat with this gentle however uplifting therapy.

Luxury manicure: Take pleasure in a complete manicure with a luxurious hand masque for super-soft skin!
Pedicure: Get your feet in top shape with a heavenly soak followed by a massage, nail trim, buff, and polish.

Luxury pedicure: Get a full pedicure followed by a softening luxury masque that will leave your feet soft and supple.

For ideal nails, visit our St Albans location nowadays. We’ve created a enjoyable, relaxing, and wholesome atmosphere for you to indulge in the cost-effective luxury of a manicure and pedicure.

The Cove Spa offers a vast range of Rituals &amp Packages, Manicure, Waxing and Gel Nail Treatments utilizing world class goods from the IIAA – International Institution of Anti Aging such as ENVIRON, Jane Iredale and Advance Nutrition Programme in addition to CoolHerbals’ items.

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