We all really like to unwind in a steaming, scented bath and of course everybody wants to be assured that they are pampering themselves with products that are great for them! Scinboutique provide some great organic and organic items to treat you skin, relax your body and make each and every bath super particular…

Jo Wood Organics have two bath oils, both with 97.five% Organic Components. The ‘Usiku Bath Oil’ is entirely decadent, inspired by the sensual steam rooms of a Moroccan harem, this highly concentrated and deeply aromatic bath essence combines the soothing, relaxing properties of cedarwood and vetiver with cardamom and ginger to warm the heart and lift the spirits. Basking in the heady vapours of this oil will leave a gorgeous fragrance on your body for the rest of the day and will leave your skin feeling ultra-nourished.

The ‘Amka Bath Oil’ is pure luxury in a bottle. The Amka aroma is far more floral than the Usiku variety and is the lighter of the two aromas. This concentrated, restorative bath oil consists of a blend of only the highest grade organic vital oils. It combines the healing properties of Persian rose otto with reviving Egyptian jasmine, and includes neroli from Comoro Island and bergamot from the Mediterranean coast for their vibrant uplifting effect. Add two capfuls to running water to revive your body and perk up your spirits.

If you want to shed the troubles of a busy day and unwind, then attempt This Works ‘Deep Calm Bath and Shower Oil’. This soothing, grounding fusion of vetivert, lavender and chamomile will bring the world to a standstill. This Works’ lavender is grown at higher altitude in France and selected for its high good quality and fragrance. The soothing, antibacterial properties are combined with strengthening and emotionally balancing vetivert, wild chamomile and nourishing, pure coconut oil. Add 1 capful to a complete bath or apply to physique prior to showering. You can even apply a drop to your pulse points or massage anticlockwise to solar plexus to aid relaxation.

On the other hand if you require a enhance of power then the This Operates ‘Energy Bank Bath and Shower Oil’ is for you! This exotic fusion of ylang ylang, patchouli and geranium will give you renewed vitality morning and evening. This Works’ makes use of high good quality essential oils utilized for this reviving bath product which includes, sensual ylang ylang, geranium sourced from China, rosemary – to stimulate the mind, grounding sandalwood and pure coconut oil.

The Taer Icelandic ‘Glacier Bath Oil’ is one hundred% organic, uplifting, soothing, detoxifying and smells incredible. Take time out and immerse your physique in the aromatic glacial water to rejuvenate and indulge. Glacier Bath Oil cools, invigorates and de-stresses both the thoughts and the body. This hugely concentrated blend of important oils ensures you only need to have two capfuls for an opulent milky bath, the heat of the water enables the therapeutic oils to fill the air. Sweet Birch takes care of aching muscles with its anti-inflammatory properties and also soothes and softens the skin. Spicy Fennel aids enhance circulation and disperses water retention. Refreshing Peppermint combats mental fatigue, stimulates and increases mental agility, as well as easing headaches and migraines. Lastly, Fir needle helps to balance the nervous system, uplift your spirits and, teamed with Fennel assists to combat muscular aches and indicators of cellulite.

The Laidbare ‘Chamomile Bath Soak’ has marshmallow, apricot and jojoba extracts to revive mind, body and soul. Chamomile is an all round skin healer, soother and calmer. Marshmallow and apricot extracts are known to be super softening, smoothing, hydrating and conditioning. Jojoba is a valuable skin oil, wealthy and nourishing, and holds in moisture. Pour under warm running water for a really delightful tub full of bubbles!

Hannah Walker is a writer for www.scinboutique.com

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