If you are physically tired then hard massage is for you. Based on you wants, you can go from dry difficult massages to soothing challenging massages.

Here are the most typical varieties of hard massage:


This type of massage, makes use of finger pressure in a circular sequence. Shiatsu is a conventional hands-on healing body art. Each stress point is detained for two to eight seconds to concentrate and aid enhance the flow of energy to help the physique to recover power. This is the most requested therapy as it releases physical and mental stress.

A lot of people like Shiatsu massage as this is relaxing whilst creating firm pressure to relieve muscle pain and usually no soreness is felt afterwards.

Thai Massage

This contains compression and stretches nevertheless the pressure applied is the identical with Shiatsu. It also parallels the energies of the physique making use of gentle stress on focal points.

This is a dry massage and it will not need you to lie on the table as sometimes you will be moved and stretched in a sequenced posture by the therapist. Thai massage is best for you If your work is of a extremely physical nature with lots of movement and carrying heavy products that utilizes strength. This massage is the most energizing and it promotes much more flexibility than any other types of massage.


This is far more than a foot spa as it requires applying stress to the focal points of the foot that connects to organs and systems in the physique. When your feet is painful and stressed then reflexology is right for you as this is very relaxing to your feet.

Sports Massage

This is for folks who are involved in physical activity, specifically athletes. If you are physically tired, exhausted and have chronic pains in your body then ask for a sport massage.

The tactics and strokes are equivalent to Swedish massage nevertheless it is normally faster. Occasional stretching is performed to loosen the tightened muscles, boost blood flow and to improve the flow of oxygen. As soon as the muscles are relaxed, you regain your strength and power.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is also quite equivalent to Swedish massage nonetheless it targets the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Count on the massage therapist to apply far more force on your body and far more friction methods across your muscles.

If you are injured or have muscle difficulties then this massage is the appropriate one for you.

It is used for continuously tight or painful muscles, recurring strain, postural troubles, or recovery from injury. Some people specifically the 1st timers can really feel some sore for 1 to two days following deep tissue massage nevertheless it is normal as your muscles are returning to their typical operation.

Whether you need to have relief from discomfort, release of tension, reduction of tension or basically to loosen up and feel your greatest, Components Therapeutic Massage Woburn is committed to promoting your effectively-being. Our philosophy is to perform with you to exceed your expectations by matching the correct therapist to your desired outcome.

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