Making use of urine as a medicine has a lengthy tradition in some societies, particularly in the eastern element of the globe. Urine is an critical remedy in the Indian ayurvedic healing tradition. Also some organic therapists in the western societies suggest it as a therapeutic tool.

When it comes straight from the bladder it is free of charge from microbes, unless the individual suffers from an urinary tract infection. It includes water, urea, numerous types of dissolved salts, many substances with hormonal effects and enzymes. The composition of the urine makes therapeutic effects seem possible.

There is however tiny strict scientific documentation about this substance employed as a drug. The following info is as a result provided with no any definite suggestions nor any definite warning against trying this strategy, except that it must not replace other types of therapies for serious disease that have a documented impact.


There are claims from proponents that this therapy can help for practically any chronic disease procedure and that urine successfully prevents and drives back infections. There are also robust claims that it can help reverse aging signs and help heal damages brought on by degenerative diseases of practically any sort.

The total extent of these claims are most likely exaggerated, but they can be summed up in this way: Urine may well aid the immune system to perform a lot more successfully and it might stimulate the general repair mechanisms in the body to function far better. Such basic effects will of source be useful by many types of well being troubles.

Since some organic therapists claim that the substance can support against practically any illness, both trivial and significant, a total list of the applications of urine will be not possible to make in a short space. Right here are nevertheless some concrete uses listed:

It is a good remedy to clean the oral cavity and the teeth, almost certainly much better than several tooth pastes, and it is completely free of charge. This effect is effectively documented, but some might find it distasteful to use urine as a means for oral hygiene. It is also claimed to be a very good remedy against sores and infections in the oral cavity.

Some men and women discover that urine taken orally provides a stimulating impact physically and psychologically that aids them to cope in the daily struggle at perform and at property. Some also locate urine to be sexually stimulating. Morning urine voided prior to sunrise may even so give a tranquilizing impact upon stress and restlessness, which can make meditation and other yoga practices more successful. These effects may also be useful for remedy of nervous issues.

Some therapists claim that orally taken urine progressively cures diabetes or makes the condition significantly less critical. When utilizing the therapy for this goal it is crucial to measure the blood sugar level cautiously and steadily lessen the dose of insulin if the therapy operates, but not before a single sees that it performs by dropping blood sugar levels.

Drinking urine may well aid against troubles in the reproductive method, like PMS, menstrual troubles and difficulties with acquiring pregnant. In these situations man and wife are recommended to drink every single other folks urine.

Urine employed orally may well help to clean the digestive technique from stuffed wastes and alleviate symptoms like constipation, bloating and cramps. Drinking it is also claimed to help against impairment in the kidney function and symptoms caused by kidney failure, like edema.

Urine used upon the skin may well help against sores, itching, rashes of numerous kind and symptoms of aging. It is also claimed to be a excellent remedy against the identical issues in the eyes and ears when applied at the site or used as a flushing fluid. The substance is also claimed to be a very good antiseptic remedy to use on sores and on the skin.

Urine used on body locations may help against numbness and neurological impairments in these locations. Some claim urine can alleviate or cure far more severe neurological problems like paralysis and cerebral palsy when utilized on substantial physique areas and at the identical time taken orally.

Urine applied on physique places afflicted by arthritis and other rheumatic condition might alleviate the discomfort and stiffness due to these conditions, and this may well be combined with urine taken orally to give complete support against rheumatism.

When applied onto the scalp it is utilised against hair loss. Old urine is said to be very best, and typically it is blended with other components that stimulate hair growth.

Sniffing some urine into the nose or flushing the nose with urine may support for infections and allergies in the upper respiratory organs and in the head.

By lack of any other fluid to drink, one particular may well save oneself from dying of thirst by drinking all of ones own urine, but one particular must start drinking it a soon as the lack of fluid starts for this guidance to be efficient.


The recommendations for sensible use of urine as a drug vary considerably among proponents and therapists, particularly with regards to the doses. These are however some common recommendations:

In most situations 1 is advised to use one’s own urine. Therapists usually recommend utilizing the middle component of the very first urine stream you void in the morning, and after having washed the genitals. Some favor to let it keep some days in a sealed box at a cold dark spot just before use with the claim that it gets more successful then.

Therapists advocating urine therapy will frequently advocate a particular sorts of diet regime to make the remedy powerful and to steer clear of undesirable taste and smell from the urine. Given that a lot of of these therapists perform in an Indian yoga tradition the diet regime advices can be rather strict. The advices also seem contradictory because they forbid certain varieties of food that can be therapeutic against the quite identical ailments that the urine therapy is supposed to treat, and the adherence to the advices can also give particular difficulties caused by deficit of nutrients.

What is suggested by these therapists is a organic diet with small of no animal food, salt, oil and spices. It is possibly not well being for persons living an active western life-style to adhere strictly to these advices, but keep in mind that they could guide your diet plan to some extent.

Your diet must of course be natural and you must avoid consuming considerably red meat, but most men and women should eat fish and seafood. Consuming wonderful amounts of oil and fat is not great, but you must have some all-natural oil in your diet program. Men and women usually consume as well a lot salt, but in hot weather and by challenging function you want some extra salt. Spices make the meals tasty and some varieties of spices might also stimulate healing. You ought to even so not consume so wonderful quantity of any spice that you really feel it irritates.

A single way of utilizing urine is to drink it. The oral administration of urine is recommended by wellness troubles in all body parts. 1 drinks it on empty stomach to get ideal effect. 1 only requires 5-ten drops twice a day in the starting. Within a month 1 increases the dose up to two deciliters (.84 US cup) twice a day.

When employing only little doses, these ought to be kept for a even though below the tongue ahead of swallowing it. By larger doses you need to flush each sip around in the mouth before swallowing. Some proponents also advice to drink urine every second week and pause each second week when you use the maximal everyday doses.

Yet another usage technique is to massage the urine onto areas of the skin exactly where there is some skin ailment, then let dry and wait some hours just before washing it away. 1 can also apply packings wet in urine at the skin for some hours. This approach is mentioned to be successful for remedy of most skin problems. If you massage greater body regions with the substance, you may possibly get the very same general advantages as by drinking it.

For issues in the nose and upper respiratory organs, one particular can sniff some drops of urine into the nose, or flush the nose with it. This approach is said also to influence the whole body beneficially.

For issues in the oral cavity and the teeth you can basically flush your mouth with the urine and brush the teeth with the brush dipped in it. This can of course be combined with drinking it.

Urine is not only used to treat illnesses, but proponents also suggest employing urine as a standard remedy to avert illness, improve fitness and steer clear of aging issues. Utilised in this way the typical day-to-day dose ought to be significantly less than that used to remedy a specific disease, perhaps 1 glass a day.


Side effects from urine therapy are not well investigated, just like therapeutic effects.

Several people will locate the substance distasteful and this sensual or psychological impact can cause nausea and tendencies to throw up following getting ingested a dose, but the effect have a tendency to go away following some time. The effect is more dependent upon education and culture that the physical taste and impact of urine.

People taking high doses each and every day for some period report feeling sleepy and tired right after some time, but it is claimed that this side effect will go away by continued use. By pausing each second week, it will possibly be avoided.

There are warnings against using urine therapy with each other with pharmaceutical drugs, due to the fact the combined effects can result in difficulties. If you take other drugs you need to at least be cautious when beginning urine therapy and give act about any symptoms of side effects.

Taking much more than about half a liter every day may disturb the electrolytic balance in the physique, because urine consists of surplus salt not necessary that you recirculate to some extent by drinking urine. Specifically men and women with heart issues or higher blood pressure must be cautious about high doses.

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