It would appear that the BBC and ITV are in competition more than a forthcoming efficiency by singer-songwriter Beyonce Knowles. The singer who also goes under the name of Sasha Fierce, her alter ego, is reportedly booked to seem on both channels in November and December this month (November 2008) she was scheduled to appear on an episode of Strictly Come Dancing, and will seem subsequent month on the hit ITV television show The X Element.

Certainly, according to website Ananova, a supply for The X Issue has confirmed that they “are not content Beyonce is doing Strictly, but she is just 1 of a number of huge names we’re obtaining”. But surely, the truth that X Issue is acquiring hold of Beyonce in the initial spot is one particular of numerous tremendous gifts offered to the programme’s thousands of adoring fans! They are also reportedly acquiring hold of Britney Spears and Mariah Carey.

But who is this Sasha Fierce that Beyonce talks about? The singer-songwriter has reportedly explained that she’s Beyonce’s a lot more aggressive, sensual and glamorous side. If that is the case, Sasha is undoubtedly 1 of the singer’s a lot of gifts to the globe of showbiz.

But, back in the planet of the X Element, it has been reported that singer and X Aspect judge Dannii Minogue has been attacked by Noel Gallagher of Oasis for not obtaining talent apparently she wouldn’t know about talent even if it kicked her somewhere. Certainly though, that can not be the case, specifically as she’s had a productive singing profession prior to appearing on the hit ITV show.

But lets think about for a moment the possibility that Noel Gallagher has a point The X Element judge would then be in need of a tiny cheering up? If this is certainly the case, then there are a complete host of gifts out there that could increase the spirits of any pop diva whose career is or has taken a nosedive. Not that anything of the sort is getting suggested in the case of Kylie’s sister.

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And in other X Factor news, there have been reports by celebrity-spotting publication Now that singer Amy Winehouse has been so impressed with X Factor contestant Eoghan Quigg that she gave him a get in touch with to supply a tiny bit of guidance. But it could properly be the case that the star, who is as effectively-recognized for her performances off-stage as she is for her singing, could be in need of a small guidance of her own. According to Now magazine, she has transformed herself from getting a “busty brunette” to a “scrawny scrap”.

If this is indeed the case, Ms Winehouse could herself be in want of a few new wellbeing-orientated gifts of her own. For instance, the Find out It – Wellbeing Present Box could be worth a try, especially as it leads to a nationally recognised level-two NVQ qualification. Amongst the subjects covered in the course are these relating to the immune method, not to mention the concept of living in harmony. Following all, we should often make sure we look after our health.

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